More types of seals became available as new uses Avatar
More types of seals became available as new uses
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Proving the authenticity of [url=]Needle Roller Bearing[/url] legal documents, such as books and contracts, became more important. The Greeks and Romans carved intricate designs into stone and rolled the stone in clay to deter theft or tampering - it would be very evident if someone had broken the seal. However, people eventually found a way around this deterrent, so security seals kept evolving. It's believed that people would place curses on books or other items in order to deter theft - a different kind of seal! But in the long run, an extra layer of security provided with a wax seal and the imprint of a ring or other stamp didn't hurt. In the 1900s Americans began to produce large quantities of durable goods, thanks to the invention of the steam engine and other large heavy machinery. These goods needed to be shipped to other parts of the country - or even other countries. Food was also being produced in larger quantities and moved to other locations for consumption. Often times farmers would seal the containers carrying their crops, to prevent tampering and contamination. It also became easier to produce security seals in larger numbers, and of more even quality. So as the number of uses for security seals increased, so did the ability to manufacture them. More types of seals became available as new uses were [url=]Metal Bellows Seal[/url] continually found.

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